• Monday 7/21 Deadline to enter Commissioners Cup.
  • 7/27 - Commissioners Cup Tournament - Entry due by July 21st to Ricky Howell.
    7/27 - Extra Innings at Oscar's 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. hosted by the HSL Atlanta Pride Festival Committee. 
  • 8/3 - Commiss. Cup (Make Up)
    8/16 - End of Season Party and GSWS Send Off @ The Heretic 
    Coming Soon Fall Ball Details 
* = Rain Make Up Days

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Welcome to Hotlanta Softball!

The Hotlanta Softball League (HSL), which was founded in 1981, is an active member city in both the Amateur Sports Alliance of North America (ASANA) and the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance (NAGAAA), non-profit organizations dedicated to the promotion of amateur athletics with a special emphasis on the participation of members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) community. With over 550 members and 35 teams, HSL ranks among the largest member cities in ASANA and NAGAAA.

HSL features five classes or levels of play: A, B, C , D and D Recreational. These designations relate to the competitive level of play or the skill level of the competitors, with "A" being the most skilled and "D" supporting more recreational levels of play. HSL's Spring League traditionally begins at the end of March and concludes around mid-July with winners in the Open Division advancing to NAGAAA's annual Gay Softball World Series and winners in the Women's Division advancing to the annual ASANA Softball World Series.

HSL also offers a Fall League, affectionately known as "Fall Ball," traditionally beginning around the end of September and concluding in early November. The Fall League, which is generally about half the size of the Spring League, offers a much more relaxed softball environment than the Spring League and is designed more as a vehicle for fun and fellowship than an outlet for hard-core competition.
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